With employment opportunities becoming more limited in the modern world due to factors such as population growth and technological advancements, it is more important than ever for young black entrepreneurs to embrace and master entrepreneurial skills. It is not only an excellent career option in today’s job market, but it also creates numerous job opportunities.

If you want to get professional entrepreneurship training, the Business Mastery Institute is the best place to go. Continue reading to learn more.

What The Business Mastery Institute Entails

At The Business Mastery Institute, we provide high-quality business training to aspiring and established entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses. Being a successful entrepreneur entails more than just making money; it also entails building a scalable and sustainable business and having money in the bank.

As can be attested by our alumni, we have been training and educating our students with skills that help them in starting, developing, sustaining, and scaling their companies for ages. We succeed because we recognize that business is purely financial, and we instill entrepreneurial financial literacy in our students, allowing them to run successful businesses.

What We Aim to Achieve for Our Students

The Business Mastery Institute (TBMI) strives to achieve a variety of goals for our students, ranging from leveraging their creativity to expanding their entrepreneurial toolbox. Our entrepreneurial courses are not only innovative, but they also inspire and stimulate the imagination. You can create and run a sustainable, profitable, fundable, and saleable business. After completing your training, you will be able to:
You will not only receive training on our courses at the TBMI, but you will also be fulfilling your dream. Whether you’ve always wanted to be a podcaster or a codeless mobile app developer, by the end of the coaching at TBMI, you’ll be able to live a life you’ll love. Furthermore, you will be able to generate and sustain revenue while enjoying your work.

To start a successful business, you must have tenacity, determination, and perseverance. However, having the right skills for your ventures, such as marketing, financial literacy, strategic thinking, and negotiation, to name a few, is the most important thing of all. So, whether you want to work in government contracting or marketing, we will make sure you have the skills you need in every aspect of your business.

You will learn about critical business aspects such as:

  • Pricing your goods or services.
  • Leveraging strategies.
  • Importance of having a team.
  • Paying yourself as a business owner.
  • Breakeven analysis.
  • Sales and revenue goals.
  • Building business credit.
  • Funding your business.
  • Building a financial strategy.
  • Relaunch or startup strategies.
  • Monthly business budget.
  • Commissions for your sales team, if you have one.
  • Key performance indicators in your business.


Participants can take online and virtual classes through TBMI’s Online Institute. Members of The Black MasterMind Group will receive a discount as well.


Courses offered at TBMI BootCamp for Entrepreneurs

Boot Camp Modules and training objectives:

Module 1 (Each week)

  • Mindset Development
  •  Limiting Beliefs
  • The Spirit of Fear
  • Paradigm Shifts
  • The Success Mindset
  • The Spiritual Laws

Weekly Reading Assignments Your Business Structure Matters

Module 2 – (2 weeks)

  • Business Structure
  • Business Organizational Structure
  • Business Operational Systems
  • HR Requirements
  • Financial Strategy

Module 3 – (2 weeks)

Marketing Movements that Drive Revenue

Revenue Streams

Market Analysis

Market Strategies

Sales Strategies

Financial Strategy

Module 4 – (4 weeks)

Running the Business by the Numbers Steps to Accessing Capital

  • What does it Take?
  • Developing your Financial Strategy
  • Implementing Financial Systems
  • Managing the Financial Systems
  • Making Decisions by the Numbers
  • The Financial Strategy
  • Funding Initiatives

The Business Mastery Institute Alumni Testimonials

Are You Looking for Top-Quality Entrepreneurial Training Today?

As our world changes rapidly, many aspects are impacting black entrepreneurs today. So, you have to keep up with the changes. A basic MBA program will not suffice if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. The future belongs to leaders and innovators. So, if you want to be one of them, enroll in The Business Mastery Institute today and sharpen your entrepreneurial skills. If you have any questions, please come to our office in Kansas City, KS, or call (913) 371-0302.

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