TBMI Partners

TBMI Partners

Where is your business today? Where do you want it to be? Do you know how to get it there? When you work with The Business Mastery Institute, you will discover the answers to these and other questions as you examine your business and devise a strategy to make your vision a reality. You will identify and release chokeholds that are preventing you from reaching your full potential and learn how to achieve your objectives.

The Business Mastery Institute provides training for new and experienced entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their businesses. Are you ready to build a scalable and sustainable business while having money in your bank account? If so, you have come to the right place.

The Business Mastery Institute also collaborates with other expert partners in the industry to teach business strategies, entrepreneurial financial literacy, and other topics. Some of the top business leaders, organizations, community leaders, trainers, business coaches, and educators are TBMI Partners.

Featured Partner: The Black Mastermind Group

The Black Mastermind Group educates, trains, coaches, mentors, develops, and provides various funding initiatives for African American entrepreneurs. By partnering with TBMI, The Black Masterminds Group creates strategies that start, stabilize, sustain, and scale black-owned and operated businesses. 


Donnetta Watson founded The Black Mastermind Group. Popularly known as the launch strategist, Donnetta is a seasoned community activist, business professional, and entrepreneur. She is an ex-government manager for the U.S. Census Bureau, having acted as a Management and Supervisory Statistician, overseeing three CDC research studies in six states.

She has a Doctorate in Entrepreneurial Studies, an M.S. in Quality Systems Management, and over 38 years of entrepreneurial experience. She is a graduate of Joseph Business School and a former Adjunct Professor and Administrator. She also has a B.S. in HR Management and a minor in marketing. Today, Donnetta guides the National Black Mastermind Group, The Business Mastery Institute, and The Bridge Builder Coach.

Resource and Education Partner

  1. Entrepreneur Resource and Training Center

  2. KCK E-Community

  3. Sponsor Organizations:

    Network Kansas

    Capital Federal Bank

    BMO Harris Bank

    Kansas Health Foundation

The Plight of Black Entrepreneurs 

About 80 percent of black entrepreneurs lack access to capital, which is why their businesses fail. Furthermore, black-owned businesses close at a higher rate than those of other ethnic groups. Often, what many people call a business is just a hustle, hookup, or hobby.

The Black Mastermind Group aims to overcome these issues by teaching black entrepreneurs business organization, marketing, and financial strategies that work. The organization takes pride in seeing black-owned businesses move to a new level.

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