The Business Mastery Institute focuses on all aspects of entrepreneurship, allowing entrepreneurs to scale their businesses. They say that we are products of the people in our circles and that those closest to us as leaders determine our success.

That is why we felt it was critical to create The Inner Circle of Leaders, a membership program that provides networking and accountability opportunities to African-American business owners, start-ups, and new entrepreneurs. It is made for entrepreneurs and leaders who choose to be coached in order to master their businesses and achieve their goals faster.

The Plight of Black Entrepreneurs

You understand the plight of the African-American business person in contemporary society; limited access to capital and higher rates of business closure. Our ideals resonate with the black entrepreneurial community by offering strategies and solutions that have been proven to work. This program provides leadership skills development, feedback, and coaching to build and uplift black entrepreneurs.

Through The Inner Circle of Leaders membership, the black entrepreneurial community will get access to a number of member benefits and opportunities to participate in local affiliate group activities. The ultimate aim is to spark economic growth and sustainability within the African American community.

Our society consists of several business leaders who are oriented to growth. We recognize these people as valuable assets and aim to create a community to help African-American entrepreneurs transform their businesses.

We seek to open The Inner Circle of Leaders membership program in every city where black entrepreneurs need our assistance in creating sustainable and profitable business models in their different communities.

How To Become A Member

Becoming a member of The Inner Circle of Leaders program is an exciting experience that necessitates a disciplined commitment of time to your vision, drive, and conviction.

Our mission is to help organizational leaders grow financially and personally by providing mentorship. We provide training, cutting-edge concepts, and resources to help you become an exceptional leader who can then give back by educating, coaching, leading, and developing other black entrepreneurs in your area.

To join, you must be an entrepreneur of recognizable black descent who is dedicated to advancing the black entrepreneurial community. A one-time joining fee is required.

When you join, you will be assigned to a group in your membership area where you will have access to the resources, advice, new expertise, training, business support, ideas, and guidance of current members on how to grow your business and position your business to get noticed.

Your monthly membership dues as a regional group member will also be paid depending on the region to allow you to access member benefits and participate in local area activities.

The Inner Circle of Leaders Membership Program

In the inner circle of leaders, the focus is on you and your business.

Becoming a member provides more than just the benefit of being a part of an inner circle group. The membership program will open doors and increase visibility for your company while preparing you to become a world-class leader and instilling in you the right business strategies and systems that will create high-performing businesses and teams that will ensure your success.

The Inner Circle of Leaders provides entrepreneurs with inspiring discussions, consistent and relevant learning opportunities, and a motivating community. The group will assist entrepreneurs in creating mutually beneficial networks around the world dedicated to business growth, both in-person and virtually.

It will encourage you to achieve more than you thought possible while walking alone. The Inner Circle of Leaders membership program provides professional opportunities through coaching from experienced leadership.

Inner Circle of Leaders Membership benefits

Some of the Inner Circle of Leaders’ benefits include:

Let's Talk

Do you get frustrated all the time because you’re not getting the results you want despite your efforts? Leadership success is only possible when you are focused on the right thing. A seasoned coach may be able to provide some assistance in focusing in the right direction.

The Inner Circle of Leaders membership program will allow you to interact with leaders and mentors from various organizations who may be traveling in the same direction as you and gain useful insights and support to help your business scale. The right coaching and training can help you become an effective leader and easily achieve your objectives.

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