About the Business Mastery Institute

Mastering business is only possible when entrepreneurs receive education, training, coaching and mentorship that will provide you with the skills to start, stabilize, sustain, and scale you business. We believe business is strictly financial. The language of business is financial. Having Entrepreneurial Financial Literacy is essential to running a successful business model. Students have said the concepts taught in The Business Mastery Institute were more impactful than what they learned in their MBA programs. Creating a successful business begins with an in-depth understanding of business and strategies that must be put into place from the start of the business.

About the Founder, Dr. Donnetta L. Watson

The Business Mastery Institute began in 1997-2009 with Dr Donnetta Watson teaching “Write the Vision” classes throughout Kansas City. In 2015, she began The Black MasterMind Group Charitable Foundation a 501c3 organization to provide assistance in the development of healthier, stronger Black Entrepreneurial Communities across the Nation. She soon realized what was missing for Black Entrepreneurs, an understanding of financial side of business i.e., Entrepreneurial Financial Literacy. She set out to address the core issue that prohibits black entrepreneurs from accessing capital and in 2019 developed The Business Mastery Institute. In 2020 she began offering the BootCamp Classes across the nation virtually during COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2021 she opened the Entrepreneurial Resource and Training Center in Kansas City Kansa to provide incubator offices, 2 training rooms, and resources and assistance to nurture the development of stronger Black Entrepreneurs.

Dr Watson has an extensive educational and entrepreneurial background. She is is one of the top three state finalists and top ten national finalists in business. She is also a former Adjunct Professor and Administrator for 13 years and has once completed the 26-and-a-half-mile American Heart Association Marathon Walk. She is a seasoned community activist, business professional, entrepreneur, and a former government supervisory and management statistician for the US Census Bureau.

Donnetta is also the former Kansas Delta Epsilon Chi President. Top 10 National Finalist in Entrepreneurship at the National Conference in 1994. She is the former Global Executive Chapter Director for the Black CEO where she oversaw the national and international growth of the organization.

The Business Mastery Courses We Offer

The most popular courses we offer at the Business Mastery Institute include;

The BootCamp

This is an eight-week accelerated, intensive business training program. It is designed to provide entrepreneurs with a summary of strategies that will enable them to Start, Stabilize, Sustain, and Scale their businesses.

The Launch Pad

This is a four-month course in which we coach you to identify new business opportunities that align with your primary business model and generate additional revenue streams for you. You will learn to develop financial strategies, manage your company’s growth, and maximize its profitability.

The Millionaire MasterClass

You may have made it as an entrepreneur, managing a seven-figure business, but do you know how to grow and expand it? Do you know how to protect the financial success you have created? The Millionaire MasterClass is an “Asset Protection” training program to teach you the strategies necessary to manage and protect your wealth, reduce tax liabilities, and build and increase your net worth. The Master Class includes a six-month session for board mentorship and 12 months of coaching.

The Plight of Black Entrepreneurs 

About 80 percent of black entrepreneurs lack access to capital, which is why their businesses fail. Furthermore, black-owned businesses close at a higher rate than those of other ethnic groups. Often, what many people call a business is just a hustle, hookup, or hobby.

The Black Mastermind Group aims to overcome these issues by teaching black entrepreneurs business organization, marketing, and financial strategies that work. The organization takes pride in seeing black-owned businesses move to a new level.

TBMMG Road to Success

The Black Mastermind Group has had a massive impact on the growth of many black entrepreneurs through accountability as business owners and networking. The organization provides the following services:

Education and Training

TBMMG partners with TBMI to provide business training for black entrepreneurs who want to take their business seriously. The organization offers live and on-demand learning opportunities for entrepreneurs at all levels, from startup upward. 

Are you ready to do more than make money? If so, TBMI, in partnership with The Black Mastermind Group can help you build a scalable and sustainable business and have cash in your bank account. The most popular training courses include:

  • Bootcamp: An 8-week Bootcamp designed to provide an overview of strategies that can help you start, stabilize, sustain, and grow your business.

  • Launch Pad: Strategies for identifying new business opportunities; financial strategies for managing business growth and profit maximization; and available revenue streams that align with your core business model.

  • Master Class: Systems, principles, and strategies for maintaining a seven-figure business.

Coaching and Mentoring

TBMMG has mentors and certified business coaches that care about your success. The organization partners with The Bridge Builder Coach to offer new and seasoned entrepreneurs the best guidance. The coaches and mentors provide one-on-one training services to trainees in the Business Mastery Program and those who require additional coaching services. 

Community and Accountability

Through their affiliate and regional group meetings, TBMMG members work together to build strategic partnerships with local business leaders. Are you passionate about the success of black entrepreneurs? Are you a servant leader interested in creating additional revenue streams in your business? If so, become a member. 

Financial Initiatives

The Black Mastermind Group works with credit repair specialists, lending institutions, and alternative funding sources. This collaboration aims to provide members with access to funding opportunities. 

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The Business Mastery Institute is a learning platform for any entrepreneur who wants to grow their business. Our experienced, dedicated staff has the training, tools, and resources to ensure your company’s vision of market success. We will accompany you on your business journey to help you connect better with your customers and grow your business to create long-term wealth. On-Line Courses available offered by subject matters experts from the Black Education, Academic, and Entrepreneurial Community.

To sign up with us in our limited slots, call us at (913) 371-0302 or email us at info@thebusinessmasteryinstitute.com.

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Only through proper education and training can you achieve business mastery. To start, sustain, and grow your business, you must have the necessary skill sets. We understand and speak the business language at The Business Mastery Institute. We believe that financial literacy for entrepreneurs is critical to running a successful business.

Many of our students say the concepts we teach are more beneficial than what they learned in their college MBA programs. Visit us in Kansas City, KS, if you are ready to start a successful business. Call (913) 371-0302 to speak with one of our representatives today.

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