Business Training For Black Entrepreneurs

Do you think you have a hidden entrepreneur in you? The entrepreneurial journey is not for the faint of heart. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must invest time, skill, determination, and tenacity. We offer a variety of entrepreneurship courses at The Business Mastery Institute that are designed to bring out the leader in everyone.

We deal with all aspects of Entrepreneurial Success

Why The Business Mastery Institute

A mix of theory and practice: Our entrepreneurial training programs provide both theoretical and practical knowledge. This enables you to specialize in areas that correspond to your personal objectives.

Full support: We offer advice and support to our students, as well as tutorial videos, digital study materials, innovative learning tools, and unlimited access to our online library. Experts are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Interactive learning: We believe that students learn more effectively when they participate. We encourage student interaction in order to improve communication skills. When it comes to digital marketing, the ability to successfully communicate concepts to various organizations can greatly assist an entrepreneur in expanding his professional network and raising venture capital. Our students learn other business fundamentals such as analytic skills, critical thinking, and leadership through interactive learning.

Flexible schedule: Our online institute offers virtual classroom sessions and online courses. You can learn and study 100% online at The Business Mastery Institute, allowing you to complete your course at your own pace, even if you have a busy schedule.

About The Business Mastery Institute

Our entrepreneurship training programs go beyond assisting existing entrepreneurs and business owners; they also instill an entrepreneurial spirit in young people and new business owners, as we believe they are the next generation of successful entrepreneurs.

Aside from learning how to build a sustainable and scalable business, our courses provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the mindset and skill set needed to identify and launch new business opportunities.

Our entrepreneurship course program structure enables you to:

"We declare “No More Hobbies, No More Hookups, No More Hustles, and No More Handouts". It’s time for us to create Real Wealth and Legacy Based Businesses."

- Dr Donnetta Watson


The BootCamp Class, and we mean it’s a BootCamp, is a 8-week intensive accelerated business training program designed to give an overview of strategies that will help entrepreneurs start, stabilize, sustain, and scale their businesses.

This is the entry level pathway to learning how to create a fundable business model.

Launch Pad

Learn strategies to identify new opportunities for your business. Open additional revenue streams that are in alignment with your core business model. Establish financial strategies to manage growth of your company and maximize the profitability in your business. This is a 4 month classroom program with 4 months of coaching provided.

Students must complete the BootCamp Class to attend the Launch Pad.

Master Class

You made it. You are now maintaining a business at a 7 figure level, but how do you continue to see the business grow. This class is for those who need systems, strategies, principles of remaining a million dollar business model. This is a 6 month classroom sessions, 6 mos. of board mentorship and 12 months of coaching.

The Entrepreneur must complete the BootCamp and Launch Pad to attend the Master Class Sessions.

TBMI's mission

TBMMG’s mission is to open affiliate groups in all major cities with black entrepreneurs who need help to create and maintain sustainable business models. The organization believes that black-owned businesses can generate employment opportunities and wealth and build a legacy for the black community. 

Online Institute

The Online Institue is where black entrepreneurs can take business related courses On-Demand, at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home or business.

The Business Mastery Institute is providing Entrepreneurs with an insight into the Real Road to Success. No shortcuts, No get rich quick schemes,
but a roadmap to how to structure a business that can generate wealth.

Why Choose the Business Mastery Institute?

At the Business Mastery Institute, we believe that for entrepreneurs to master business, they must receive training and education that will equip them with the skill set necessary to launch, sustain, scale, and stabilize their businesses. We believe that the language of business is strictly financial and that entrepreneurial financial literacy is, therefore, critical for running a successful business.

Students have reported that the concepts we teach at The Business Mastery Institute have been more impactful than what they had learned in their MBA program. To create a successful business, it is crucial to have an in-depth understanding of business strategies from the onset of the business.

We handle every aspect of your business’s success. We offer online classes as well as virtual classroom sessions. All members of the Black Master mind Group receive a discount on classes. Non-members can also take online classes.

Participants in our Business Mastery Institute program will learn how to govern the following business concepts, which are critical for the success of any business model:

  • Leveraging strategies.
  • Paying yourself as the company owner.
  • Goals for sales and revenue
  • Your sales team’s commission payment.
  • Start-up or re-launching strategies.
  • Importance of setting up a team.
  • Your client avatar.
  • How much is the cost?
  • Monthly business budget.
  • Building financial strategy.
  • Pricing for your services or products.
  • Break-even analysis.
  • Building business credit.
  • Funding the business.
  • Key indicators of business performance.


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